How to maintain Baklava Sweet?

Please note followings points after you purchase Iranian Baklava Sweet :

Make sure the baklava you receive contains the trademark of Haj Khalifa Ali Rehbar

1 – Do not place the pastry pack behind the back of the car that is directly exposed to sunlight.

2 – Passengers traveling to the southern cities will try to return the requested sweets at the time of return.

3 – If you want to keep the sweets for a long time, be sure to put the boxes in nylon or nylon hollow bags and keep them in a freezer (cooler below zero).

4. Keep the sweets in the refrigerator and in short time in closed boxes that are placed inside the nylon bags without a veneer.

5- Avoid putting plum and souffle in warm places with a damp cloth (glacier) or exposed to air-cooled water.

6 – The optimal time consumed by the sweets depends on how to keep and follow the above points and generally try to cook and consume cookies and avoid buying large quantities of sweets and home-based storage for long-term use.

7. In case of storage of confectionery in the freezer, the quality of their optimum time is increased and is excluded from the above.

8 – If you sell the supermarket’s supermarket in your city, you must be sure to keep them in the refrigerator.

9. Refrigerate this store in other cities from reputable stores and do not buy from stores in other stores.

10. Your suggestions and criticisms will be greatly appreciated.


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